5K Formula System For AFFILIATE Marketers

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Here is a real sales funnel that has been built with a single purpose and, that is to earn you commissions.

5K Formula System is a Done-For-You (DFY) step-by-step online training program that promises to generate instant affiliate commissions for you in the range of $5,000 a month.

The commissions are paid directly to your commission account. It is a new instant commission system that is geared to make $5,000 or more for you day after day on a repeatable and recurring basis.

The system runs on 100% autopilot mode and it is free for you from the time you buy 5K Formula System and become its member.

This instant commission system has been prepared and is being marketed by Matthew Neer, who claims to have been secretly making a lot of money online over the years through this system.

Matthew has never in the past revealed what exactly he has been doing to earn thousands of dollars every month.

Some of the best feature of the product has been outlined here:

High performance

Matthew says he makes his fortune through a sales funnel, designed for a high rate of conversion that converts targeted internet traffic into hard cash.

The system works like an ATM for Matthew, who says every time he sends traffic to his high performance sales funnel, he gets loads of money in return.

If you can send an email and do some copy & paste work, you have enough skills to use this system.

You never deal with a customer directly even if he is unhappy with a product that you recommend.

It is the customer care department of 5K Formula system who takes such calls.

As soon as you are in the members area, you see a training video will guide you click by click how to get started.

Soon, you will find your commission link.

5K Formula explains how you can tap into traffic sources by free as well as paid methods.

You job is to move targetted traffic to the sales funnel and conversion and commission.

You need to point your traffic source to your account link so that you receive commission straight into your account whenever a sales is materialized.

100% commission

If you have spent considerable period of time trying to make money online without much success, here is the fastest way to earn your first big money online.

Since only real and ethical products are sold through this system, the customer satisfaction rate is very high.

5K Formula System pays up to 100% commission on sales <=

You also earn recurring commissions that build up as residual monthly income.

Autopilot mode

Here is a real sales funnel that has been built with a single purpose and, that is to earn you commissions.

Thanks to its focused design and content, it has been tested and proven to achieve the best results.

Soon, you will find that your inbox is overflowing with commission notifications.

The system is designed to convert cold online traffic into money on a 100% autopilot mode.

Gives freedom

This system librates you from 9-to-5 rigor and earns a descent passive income for you while you are actually eating, sleeping and having fun day in and day out.

Whenever you need more money, you can simply log in to your system and send some promotions and the commissions start pouring in your commission account without fail and within a few hours.

Meanwhile, you can spend your time and money earned through 5K Formula system on travelling and other hobbies.

Grow together

Matthew is passing on his secrets to new people so that he can increase the business for his system and take it to $1 million.

Besides, he likes to help people. He says he made $400,000 last year while testing this new system.

Now, he wants to scale up and achieve revenues of over $1 million and for his purpose he needs to partner with others.

The idea is that you and Matthew will work and earn together.

Since your success is tied with Matthew’s success, he offers personal attention and necessary hand holding.

Sell as your own

The product helps you earn up to 100% commission and recurring commissions and soon you are able to make a dependable monthly income online.

This system is totally different from all the similar things you have tried in the past.

Here, you become a truly uninhibited and intrepid affiliate marketer, learning new techniques and honing the olds ones.

Once you subscribe and become member of 5K Formula, you get your copy of this funnel and system and you can use your name and sell this as your own product.

You will be paid 100% commission.

How it works?

You just need to plug in your details and the system does the sales for you and you get the commission as much as $5,000 per month on a recurring basis.

Here, you don’t need to set your sales funnel yourself, it comes ready with the 5K Formula System with a robust upsell that converts.

This sales funnel, its pages and offers have been minutely analyzed to make sure that you earn the maximum money per click.

The system comes ready with all the marketing tools such as high CTR email swipes, classified ads, ppc keywords, and banner ads that you might need.

Even if you have no technical experience, you don’t need to worry because the system starts doing it all for you the moment you become a member.

The process is extremely simple: The moment you become a member, you get access to a unique link that will record all commissions paid to you. This gives you the power to earn instant and spendable cashflow into your account. Using the sales funnel is easy. You simply need to send the targetted traffic to the sales funnel and it starts making money over and over again.


5K Formula System manages your commission payments.

Every time you refer a customer and if he buys a product, the system will send you your commission directly to your account.

It does not take days and weeks for your commission to be credited, it happens with seconds and you have real cash in your account.

  • It does not involve hosting

  • You get all facilities for free

  • There is everything for you on its server

  • Don’t need domain name

  • Can use the company’s domain name for free

  • No IT or technical experience required

  • No complicated set up required

  • Everything comes to you in a done-for-you format

  • The product is digitally delivered.

  • Friendly customer care support


Some users find that the system recommends for paid trafficOthers complain that squeeze pages on the system do not guide a new member efficiently


On the whole, the product is a great tool for all those affiliate marketers who want to start earning big money right away.

Attention New Marketers: AFFILIATES made more than $10,000 last month!

The $1.5m Affiliate Formula