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The amount of money paid to its members is $8.000.000

Unemployment is a universal problem, with the population growing steadily. The competition for jobs is expected to be very stiff in the coming years.

The most affected people, in this case, are the youth. Most of them are recent graduates, fresh from college. There have to be alternative sources of income for this group of people.

One of the best alternatives, in this case, is online writing. You can earn money from your home.

There are a few requirements though before you begin online writing.

• A computer – before you start this job, you must own a computer. Even though you can have the option of working from a cyber café or the library. It is more convenient to work from your home any time the clients send you to work. It is crucial to own a laptop before you can start working online.

• Internet access – since most of your work will be shipped from clients all over the world; you need reliable internet access. This is for research purposes and sending or receiving e-mails.

• Grammar skills – this is what will determine if you get paid or not. Grammar skills are a requirement. You need to present a well-articulated article for the client.

• Account – this is where you will receive your money. Those outside the USA will have to open accounts with international money transfers.

Online writing services

There are a variety of internet based companies that offer writing jobs to freelancers. If you google online writing jobs, you will get over 1000 results from that search. One of the most popular online writing services is the company This online writing service is a great way to kick start your online writing career. They have provided online writing jobs to a large number of freelancers in the USA and other parts of the world.

The amount of money paid to its members is $8000000. This shows that is committed to its members. By providing opportunities for the youth, the company has gained popularity over the past years. Why choose over other companies? In this article, I will be discussing the main features associated with, why you should join them and get paid to write.


Don’t think of online writing as a time-consuming venture, and the truth is that some people are making thousands of dollars just by writing part-time. You only need to set aside 3-4 hours a day if you are a part-timer. If you are a full-time freelancer, then dedicating more time means more money. In this segment, we will be discussing the benefits of being associated with

1. Choose from thousands of jobs online gives you an opportunity to choose between thousands of available jobs every day. You get to decide what you are good at. The different writing jobs available are financial, resume, grant and research writing. Others are transcription, translation, and technical writing.
There are many writing jobs to choose from. Some of the posts are high paying, and an example is medical writing. You should select the best niche you are good at and start earning money online. Every writer is catered for on this platform.

2. Work any time
The best thing about online writing is that you get to choose when to work. Whether you are a full-time freelancer or a part-timer, there is something for everyone on this platform. At, there are no strict deadlines on when to submit your work. This flexibility is what most writers need. You get to decide the number of working hours and the amount of work. There is complete freedom at

3. Write from any location
If you live outside the USA, you can also write content for this company. They provide writing services in more than 150 countries. The writers get paid through online transaction avenues like PayPal. There is no need to get worried about getting paid. This universal coverage means that the client receives content that is well researched and presented. More members mean more ideas.
For transcription clients, their audio files can be transcribed and translated in many languages in one platform. If you have not yet registered, you should start with a free trial then proceed afterward. There is something for everyone. You need to sign up and start making money from online writing.

4. Commission
Every online writing company deducts some cash from your overall earnings. The deductions may range from 20-30% of what you got. The good thing about working on is that they only charge a flat rate every month. The fee is for sourcing thousands of jobs and updating their database every time an opportunity is entered. This way you earn more money every month, unlike other online writing jobs services.

5. No experience
Newbies are invited to join the platform. There are thousands of content to be written for blogs, magazines, books, websites and even for marketing purpose. If you can write a good article then you are in, you will gain experience along the way. Working with will refine your writing skills in the long run through exposure to the different areas in writing.

How to join
Just follow this link and sign up. Pay a small subscription fee, and you are in. They give you a guarantee, that if you don’t make any money on the platform after 60 days. Your subscription money will be given back to you. This is how the company has built trust with their freelancers. Sign up today and enjoy some of these benefits associated with online writing.


We need to find other means of making money other than seeking for jobs. If you have a job, you can also work part-time to get that extra cash for your family. provides opportunities to freelancers all over the world. They offer thousands of jobs every day to freelancers.

You can choose what topic you are passionate about, and you get to write content for significant blogs and websites.

How unique are they? They don’t charge commissions on your earnings like other sites. You only pay a monthly flat rate fee. By doing this, you increase your revenues without any deductions.

You should sign up and start earning money from online writing jobs.

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