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ClickBank University takes that opportunity and educates individuals in making their business grow exponentially.

ClickBank is known for its successful growth as a platform that helps vendors and affiliate marketers to make money on the World Wide Web. When it started, it was a platform where people could sell their own products as a Vendor or promote other people’s products as an affiliate marketer with ClickBank. In 2014, ClickBank introduced it very own, fully functioning training program. Deemed ClickBank University, the online program is a well equipped training course for budding entrepreneurs and online businesses. It helps sellers and affiliates understand the online market and make their moves according to current digital market trends. Here’s an in-depth review of the entire course and everything that is included in it.


Who are the course instructors?

Course instructors Justin Atlan and Adam Horwitz are the founders of ClickBank. Both of them are highly skilled and successful entrepreneurs who made it up to the top with a lot of hard work and intelligence. Justin Atlan is co-founder of ClickBank and an excellent consultant. He has been a part of SJA Media as a consultant too. Justin is a force to be reckoned. He helps people not only understand the online market better but also shows budding entrepreneurs the path to making a good income through online business.


Adam Horwitz is a very well known for his famous website Mobile Monopoly. He has been an enthusiastic businessman since his teenage years and knows the insides and out of everything that is related to making money online. His strong and succeeding internet career landed him a lot of fame on top business media platforms like CNN, Business Insider etc.


How does ClickBank University Work?

  1. As mentioned earlier, the ClickBank University is a part of ClickBank itself. It not only trains newbies and entrepreneurs about how to sell or promote products but also helps them make their own digital products. ClickBank University runs two main programs. They have a 12 week course for Vendors; those who want to sell their products. The 8 week course is for the Affiliate marketers; those who promote other people’s’ products to the online market.

  2. Since the online market has become an exceptional space for lucrative businesses, ClickBank University takes that opportunity and educates individuals in making their business grow exponentially.

  3. The 8-week affiliate marketer course teaches the subscribers about the art of selling other people’s products. It will take the trainees through every step of understanding how they can become pioneers at marketing other people’s products and ear a lot of money.

  4. The 12 week vendor’s program is designed really well. The all round course helps all levels of entrepreneurs to understand online market better. Some of the topics the course covers includes selecting the niche and product to create, driving traffic to the landing page, scaling up ClickBank business etc. What is more interesting is that ClickBank University has also integrated minute details into the course by adding lessons on creating customer avatar, creating digital products, creating landing pages and sales funnel etc.

  5. The training for both programs is based on a drip method format. The lessons are shared step by step on a weekly basis. Moreover, you will have both videos and reading material given so that you can retain all the things explained in the videos.


What makes ClickBank University the best learning platform for entrepreneurs?

What makes ClickBank University the best learning platform? | Affiliate Marketing Tips | Make Money Online | Affiliates | Passive Income | Work From Home | Jobs | Earnings | Business | Finance

Apart from the excellent courses and study material that is provided during each course, the ClickBank

University training program stands out from the rest for many reasons. Here are some of them-

  1. Founders and instructors Adam and Justin take live Question and Answer Sessions via a Webinar every week to answer all the queries that course members have. This lends a personalised touch to the entire program. Budding professionals feel connected with their instructors and get hands-on answers to all their queries, some that cannot be answered in the information provided during the course. Moreover these webinars are recorded so they become audio-visual question and answer banks that add to the FAQ section.

  2. The ClickBank University support group on Facebook is a private group that make the program more worthwhile. The support group will get you in touch not just with the instructors but with entrepreneurs from across the globe. This opens a chance to collaborate and create new and successful content for the online market.

  3. The ClickBank Builder (Upsell) is one of the best tools you can get your hands on to efficiently create exceptional websites, pages that include offers and landing pages etc. The ClickBank Builder is one of the best drag and drop tools available for use in the online business creation field. It has a wide and varied set of templates that you can choose from to generate wonderful web pages.

  4. The ClickBank University Toolkit is an addition that makes the program and ClickBank one of the finest integration programs that are out there on the internet when it comes to learning how to sell and promote digital and informational products. ClickBank University has ensured that the toolkit has everything required to run a successful and financially growing website or product. The toolkit has everything from social media improvement tools to email service provider features and a website domain. This way every member who learns the program also gets hands on practical skill on how to build a lasting online business.

  5. Apart from the great program structure and all the additional features, ClickBank University stands out among all its counterparts for providing their customers with a 30 day money back guarantee. If within 30 days you find that the program and the other features are not for you, ClickBank University assure full money returns. This not only makes the program trustworthy but is also a risk-free, personal investment.


Overall experience and conclusion

ClickBank University is the best online program built for everyone who want to learn the ropes of creating and selling digital products. It is also a great place for those who want to learn how to become an affiliate marketer or product promoter. It is the best way for beginners and intermediates to get in-depth knowledge about the digital market. The course starts from scratch and builds to the very peaks of marketing and selling products online. With ClickBank University, you not only learn, you also build and sell products or promote products. This experience will help you become a more successful digital entrepreneur.

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