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The iWriter website provides a platform of article writing for many eligible writers who have signed up with iWriter website.

This website allows writers to earn money from the work(projects) they have done for clients. Payment depends on the work you have submitted to clients and they have approved. Here, you don’t bid for projects.

Once you have logged in, you choose the project you purpose to write and begin writing without struggling to reach out to your client.

iWriter contains a rating system that determines the projects a writer is eligible to do. Every article on the website contains its own instructions. When you pick the job, you will get the details of what the client wants you to write in your article.

Every article you do require three days to be approved by the client. Failure to be approved by the client within the stated days will make your article to be auto-approved by the iWriter system and eventually you will receive your payment.

Note that, every article you do is rated. The ratings that you get from clients will enable you to climb to a higher level/ranking. If you receive several low ratings from clients, you will receive a warning and finally, your account will get banned. It is important to focus on obtaining higher ratings as a beginner to boost your account.

Levels of ranking in iWriter website

There exist four levels of ranking in iWriter. Here, the prices are written normally reflect the amounts at the time of updating the article you do. The prices are usually subject to changes in the future made by the writer team. The four-level include:

1. Standard writers
You become a standard writer automatically once you join iWriter. Here, you will only get projects meant for standard writers. It is the lowest rank of the iWriter level.

2. Premium writers
You will only reach this level if you get a minimum of 25 reviews in your iWriter account with an average of 4.1 stars and more.

3. Elite writers
Here is a dream place for every writer. You will reach this level of article writing when your iWriter account receives a minimum of 30 reviews with an average rating of 4.6 stars and more.

4. Elite plus writer
This is the highest level of ranking in iWriter.Its pay is also high and favorable. For you to reach this level, you need to have a minimum of 40 reviews in your account with an average of 4.5


How to make money on the iWriter?

How to make money on the iWriter? | Content Writers | How To Write Posts | Bloggers | Blogging | Passive Income | Work From Home | Online Jobs | Writer | Writing | Earnings

This platform allows you to pick a single project at a time unless if you have received a special request as a writer. Once you save your job in the draft, you cannot select another job from the queue site. It is advisable to begin a job immediately you have taken it from the site. After completion, a writer is required to submit it before their time expires.


The work then goes to the client who either approves or rejects your job depending on how you have met his/her requirements. If your job is approved the iWriter system pays the writer.With the iWriter website, you only cash out your amount when you reach a minimum of $20.


The system automatically cashes out an amount of a writer every Tuesday where payment is made through writer’s Paypal account. It is a legit site where you can create and generate income by just being a content writer to clients.


Therefore always you do a good job that does not have issues with Copyscape and observe iWriter’s terms and conditions and you will be able to make more money on this platform.


Key features of iWriter website:


1. Choose from different ranks
iWriter website provides four levels of ranking in article writing. They include standard, premium, elite and elite plus. Unless if you are at standard level, the other three levels allow a writer to pick jobs that are in other lower ranks. For instance, if a writer is at a premium level, he/she can choose jobs that appear at a standard level. The same applies both at elite and elite plus level.

2. Availability of many writers
The iWriter platform is a global marketplace for content writing. It contains a pool of content writers worldwide who can write articles in different languages. As a client, you can also select specific writers who do excellent jobs and send them special requests.

3. Time for a turnaround is quick
Writers are so many and once you post your project it is easily accepted. This creates a turnaround for requesters. Projects are always picked at a faster rate by writers.

4. Plagiarism protection
iWriter website ensures that the writer’s content are passed through Copyscape to check for plagiarism. They make sure that content sent to clients to maintain their authenticity and are 100% original.

5. Option for rejection and other alternatives are provided to clients
Here, clients are not restricted to reject any content that they feel doesn’t meet their expectations. You can also request a writer to rewrite content or also report it as a scam.

6. Clients are able to create a list for their favorite writers
iWriter offers a choice for clients to send a special request to their favorite article content writers.

7. You can provide a tip or even message clients
iWriter allows clients to message or send a tip to their writer using their personal account.

8. Payment is made via Paypal
Writers always receive their payment cash out through their Paypal account from the iWriter system.

9. Writers always pay attention to your project
iWriter allows writers to pick a single project at a time. This makes writers to put their focus on clients content.

Pros of the iWriter website
• It makes an instant payment to writers when their job is approved
• It does not waste more time bidding for jobs by writers
• Requesters can message and give you tip for their projects
• Protects requestors from content plagiarism
• Clients can easily reject, cancel, report or request writers to rewrite projects
• It is simple and easy to use

Cons of iWriter website
• There is a risk of your account being banned
• Low payment
• Requesters can easily reject your article for no good reason


In conclusion, the iWriter website provides a platform where you can earn income and also improve your writing skills. Create a network with requestors who can provide more tasks for you.iWriter has the ability to improve your life.


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